Houston legal community should support keeping families together

No matter what our differences as members of opposing sides of the legal community may be, we can all agree that families belong together. Just as children were separated from their parents and there is an ongoing struggle to reunify them at the border now, the family and criminal law community has long dealt with families being separated by parental abduction across international borders. This blog asks members of the Houston legal community who deal with incidents of child separation by parental abduction to help support efforts to reunite children separated from their parents at the border with their parents NOW.

Respected Houston attorney Bobby Newman has recently pledged contributions to a fund to help reunite families separated at the border, and this blog calls on other Houston attorneys to follow his lead.

One such case, handled by Newman, recently made the news when Dr. Chris Brann’s in-laws were convicted of being a part of his young son’s abduction to Brazil.  Dr. Brann’s son Nico was born in September of 2009. Dr. Brann loves him with his whole heart. He loved playing with him, and teaching him. He was a hands on dad who never liked to be away from his boy. Nico was born in Houston, is a Texan, is a United States citizen.

Dr. Brann and his wife, Nico’s mom, separated in 2012. Nico’s mom is originally from Brazil. Dr. Brann was eventually represented by Houston family lawyer Bobby Newman and his ex-wife was represented by Rick Ramos. Both Bobby Newman and Rick Ramos were called as witnesses at the eventual criminal trial of his ex-wife’s parents. But at first everyone seemed to be in agreement that Dr. Brann and his ex-wife would share custody and help maintain normalcy in Nico’s life.

Dr. Brann trusted his ex-wife when she asked if she could travel with Nico to Brazil to see her family. He was familiar with horror stories like Sean Goldman’s case but believed that she would abide by court ordered agreements. Bobby Newman and Rick Ramos crafted a Travel Agreement and the court put it in place making clear that she would bring Nico back home to Houston. The court orders made clear that Nico’s permanent domicile was in Texas.

Dr. Brann learned later that it was all a ploy by his ex-wife to trick him and the Court.  Upon arriving in Brazil, she immediately filed for sole custody of Nico. In doing so, she hid from the court the joint custody agreement that Newman and Ramos had helped them enter in Texas. She had premeditated Nico’s abduction: enrolled Nico in a Brazilian school three months earlier and she had accepted a job offer there.

The Brazilian court did not help Dr. Brann and has never forced Nico’s return.  Even after recent conviction of her parents in federal criminal court for participating in his abduction, Nico’s mother refuses to bring Nico home to the United States.  Dr. Brann sees Nico less than one percent of the time, and only in the presence of armed guards. Nico doesn’t speak English to anyone and won’t discuss anything about his life, only replying: “Mommy doesn’t want me to talk about that.”

Families belong together. The criminal law bar and the family law bar in Houston supports reuniting parents with children who rightfully belong in their custody.

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